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What can we do to extend the life of vibrating screen?

Mar 07, 2016

We often say vibrating screen including mining shaker and food shaker. So experts that mechanical aspects of mine shaker more than a research paper said mine shaker should want to extend the life of what aspects.

Mine shaker is also divided into many kinds, such as circular vibrating screen, flip flow vibrating screen, horizontal linear screening machines. Vibrating screens in mining and other mineral beneficiation, sand and gravel industry production, if a failure occurs will lead to stagnation of production not before, the production efficiency of greater impact. Therefore, how to reduce equipment failures and extend equipment life has become the common goal of many enterprises.

Extended equipment life should start to reduce equipment failure rates. And a major fault in the general part of the shaker screen, the vulnerability of consumption, three aspects of motor failure.

Shaker screen portion is usually because there is no tension when changing screen, vibrating screen does not cause discharge or discharge slow and fast screen breakage, etc., require the user to re-tensioned screen surface.

Consumable loss usually rubber skin in the course of constant wear and tear, resulting in leakage occurs in the course of powder, plasma leakage and other problems, mainly rubber skin shaker in the course of serious wear and tear, so that the frame appears directly gap in course material leakage occurs.

Finally, the fault is usually due to the vibration motor pay attention to maintenance of the production process, resulting in the motor bearing portion starvation, lack of lubrication.

To reduce equipment failure rates, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the above aspects. This article is recommended before in daily production, the use of vibrating screen, to check on the body part, found loose or damaged screens should be promptly replaced or tension, vibration motor section regularly lubricate the good functioning of the holding member, so as to effectively extend vibration sieve life.

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