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The causes of blocking materials about vibrating feeder (1)

Feb 29, 2016

Vibrating feeder, as the name suggests, is in the production line that in order to provide a stable device materials. If feeder putties, the role of vibrating feeder lines in the entire production will be lost meaning, and directly affect the progress of the entire production line.

vibrating feeder

In the production process, we have to master the knowledge one by one, and try to standardize operations during use, to avoid blocking material feeder apparatus occur or circumstances on material.

1. During use, we should also be careful not to load the silo direct pressure on the feeder chute, this situation will lead to long-term spring plate and fork connection fatigue damage occurs, resulting in one break.

2. The feed may be too much, which resulting in the accumulation of material in the stands, screw conveyor elevator resistance force increases that caused by poor run hopper, in which case should immediately carry less quantity and keeping the feed evenly.

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