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The installation of sieve plate

Mar 10, 2016

Sieve plate is widely used, its installation generally note the following:

1. Arrange the table, ready tools, materials, drawings, molds.

2.Should wipe the upper and lower dies before installation of the oil, and sliders ground clean, and check there are no remnants properly installed or prevent the impact of accidents. Closed height and dies

3. Check the press shut height, closed the press shut height height should be slightly beat wild punch.

Aniseed means

4. Check the press should be temporarily adjusted to the highest position in order to avoid the press shut height adjustment is bent.

5. Check whether the lower die ejector device according to press aniseed.

6. The cut-off pressure switch.

7, To press oiling, so that the switch is closed press Kongzhuang, observe the operation status of the device, observe the clutch, brakes, springs and safety devices.

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