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How to install the activator feeder?

Apr 16, 2016

activator feeder

Here I will share you the installation of activator feeder. There are 14 steps as follows:

1. Accordance with FIG activated feeder bracket welding assembly holder, and install welded to the foot of embedded iron.

2. Activator feeder hoisting into place, lifting process should be in the position marked on the equipment lifting. Lifting point must not be set up in the motor between the exciting spring and spring balancer.

3. Place according to drawings spring and damping rubber isolation pads, isolation spring type and quantity can not be wrong.

4. Install imported coal drop tube cavity and equipment to ensure its distance and depth of cavity size.

5. Install export coal drop tube which extends into the belt to ensure that the size of the shroud, and it must be securely fixed to the belt cover and bracket

6. Install the upper and lower flexible connection

7. Nearby electrical equipment installed in the terminal control box electric control box and gas, solid and reliable installation required, then connect the appropriate cables.

8. Connect the motor cable to the power line or electrical control box, installation requirements, refer to the manual "Cabling Requirements" section.

9. Install the air line.

10. Use a rubber cover will be observed on both sides of the cover aperture.

11. Clear activation feeder above and inside the garbage, debris.

12. The four support angle between the motor frame and body frame removed.

13. The equipment racks and coal drop pipe rust paint.

14. Activator feeders were up painting.

After pressing the above method, you find it is still not installed. You can contact us at your any time and we will help you about the further details of activator feeders.

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