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How to check vibrating screen?

Feb 21, 2017

Here I tell you some detection about vibrating screen.

vibrating screen

1. Regularly check and replace the components, usually once a year. The replace components are mainly including liner plate and screen surface, besides, should check the vibrating motor regularly, and change the oil for bearing.

2. Often check the screen surface, to see whether it is damaged or uneven, and make sure the sieve mesh is not blocked.

3. Check sealing strip. Replace new sealing strip if found wear or defect.

4. Record the inspection items in each shift, including grating tension device, feeding box and sieve supporting device. Check grading tension device and feeding box whether are loose or not, check sieve supporting device whether the hollow rubber gasket is deformed or not. If the rubber gasket is worn or flatten, need to replace two pieces of hollow rubber gasket the same time

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