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Do you know the reason of choosing rubber spring for circular vibrating screen?

Jan 16, 2017

1. It can produce various different shapes and dimensions of the rubber springs which is compact and space saving.

2. Rubber Spring is with rubber elasticity coefficient compared with metal product, and the hardness can be changed in a larger scope, so changing the rubber hardness can make different stiffness spring, that means the stiffness can be chosen with wide scope even the same shape of rubber spring.

3. In addition, rubber spring of circular vibrating screen can also accept with shear deformation and austerity deformation.

4. The internal friction damping of the rubber spring is much bigger than the metal spring, so the rubber spring of circular vibrating screen machine stops and passing through resonance section, the amplitude of rubber spring is smaller than the helical metal spring ,so we choose rubber spring due to stable amplitude and lower energy consumption.

5. Rubber spring transmission noise resistance is much bigger than the metal spring, so the sound insulation is better and working noise is smaller. Above all, rubber spring of circular vibrating screen characteristic is very outstanding and it is widely used for vibrating screen equipment

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