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5 feathers of circular vibrating screen

Jan 12, 2017

Circular vibrating screen is appearing in people's view. Here I will tell you 5 feathers of it as followings:

circular vibrating screen

1.Smooth operation: the vibrator combines the eccentric shaft with eccentric block. It has good vibration effect and works well;

2. Low energy consumption: compared with the linear vibrating screen, the vibrating screen surface is tilted 20 degree, and under the gravitation, the power consumption is less.

3.Easy adjustment: adjust the vibration frequency and amplitude of the vibrating screen, vibration frequency and screen angle according to the actual situation of customers' production line;

4. Screen frame is rigid, strong and durable: connections among side plate of screen box, beam, stiffening beam (boards) are all by high strength bolts and ring groove rivets.

5. Specialized production and quality assurance: adopt advanced production process for manufacturing, the vibrator is assembled under heat or coldness. Parts made and assembled with high accuracy. The bearings used has a long service life with low failure rate.

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