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5 features of Steel Structure Fabrication

Dec 19, 2016

Steel structure fabrication is composed of steel material structure, which is one of the main types of building structures. Here I will share you 5 features of it.

Steel Structure Fabrication

1. The material strength is high and it is weight lightly

The strength and elastic modulus of steel are higher. Compared with concrete and wood, the density and yield strength ratio is relatively low, so the same force in the steel structure has small cross-section and weight lightly. Which is easy to transport and installation, suitable for large span.

2. Steel toughness, good plasticity, material uniformity and high structural reliability

Steel structure fabrication is suitable for the impact and dynamic load, which has a good seismic performance. Steel internal organizational structure uniform, nearly isotropic homogeneous body. The actual working performance of steel structure is more in line with the calculation theory. So the steel structure reliability is high.

3. The high degree of steel structure manufacturing and installation of mechanization.

Steel structural components to facilitate the factory manufacturing, site assembly. Factory mechanized manufacturing of steel structural components are finished high precision, high production efficiency, site assembly speed, short duration. Steel structure is the highest degree of industrialization of a structure.

4. The steel structure sealing performance

As the welded structure can be completely sealed, which can be made of air tightness, watertight are very good high-pressure vessels, large oil tanks, pressure pipelines.

5. Heat-resistant steel is not fire

When the temperature below 150 ℃, the steel properties of change is very small. So the steel structure is suitable for the hot workshop, but the structure surface by about 150 ℃ heat radiation, must use the insulation board to protect.

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