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The safety technology of vibrating feeder

Nov 14, 2016

As a vibrating feeder manufacturer, I'm glad to share some technologies with you about it.

Maintaining and raparing machine reguularly is to extend the service life, which ensure that an important means of normal work. should note the following:

1) Vibrating feeder choose thin oil splash lubrication. You should choose gear oil, according to the use of location and temperature conditions.

2) You should ensure that the shaker in the oil level is higher than the oil level (through the joint elbow filling), every 3-6 months must be replaced.

vibrating feed

Security technology:

1) The machine operator subject to safety and technical education;

2) machinery and equipment should be grounded, the wire should be reliable insulation, and installed in the snakeskin tube, often check the motor;

3) The machine is not allowed to touch the body, adjust, clean, clean or repair; Wiring is worn and leakage.

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