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The role of stainless steel sieve plate in industrial

Nov 07, 2016

Stainless steel sieve plate palys an important part in vaccm cleaner that using for industrial. You should pay attention to some details of industrial vaccum cleaner as followings:

1. It strictly prohibited in the use of flammable and explosive places.

2. The control box thermal relay will be automatically cut off the power when vacuum overload. Then you must unplug the power plug to identify the reasons to be reset. You can continue to use, after the thermal relay.

3. Non-special material bag can not smoke a burning flame and ultra-high temperature waste.

4. Cleaner damage occurred, it should be replaced in time, can not continue to use.

5. Storage bucket excessive savings should be promptly cleaned up, and regularly clean the filter bag and filter to ensure smooth.

Stainless Steel Sieve Plate

We provide high quality stainless steel sieve plate for industrial vaccum cleaner. Welcome to consult us, if you need.

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