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How to make the delicious mooncake?

Sep 18, 2016

Mid-Autumn Festival had gone, have you eaten mooncake? JinHeng, a vibrating feeder manufacturer tell you how to make mooncake.

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Step 1: Prepare the main material :

Flour, Egg, Oil, Butter, Sweet stuffing and Salted egg yolk

Step 2: Knead dough and cut it to small size

Step 3: Put the salted egg yolk and sweet stuffing into the, and then roll it to

a round ball

Step 4: Choose the model

It had many kinds of model, the traditional model is by wooden, but now most of people would like to use the plastic one, since it have more different types, more chooice

Step 5: Put the round ball into the model

Step 6: Brush a layer of eggs on the surface of mooncake. And then put it into the oven bake 30 minutes with 220 degree temperature

Step 7: Eating the delicious mooncake

After so many years development, the mooncake had many different taste and colors.

Is there anyone that you want to taste?

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