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The design of vibrating feeder

Sep 10, 2016

Do you know that the design of vibrating feeder? Today I will tell you some.

• Durability: JinHeng Vibrating Feeders are built to last with an average of 20 years or more of productive use.

• Proven Performance: The simple design and best performance rating make the JinHeng Vibrating Feeder the best choice in Vibrating Feeders.

• Energy Efficiency: All the Feeders utilize the JinHeng Drive System, which is the most versatile and energy efficient drive available. This drive is a combination of a free force input from an A.C. type electric motor with the output of sub-resonant tuned springs. When the applied load increases, the springs inherently drive harder. It maximizes the use of “JinHeng” which is defined as the kinetic energy developed by a spring’s motion during the drive portion of its cycle.

• Dust-Tight Construction: Our integral dust-tight design is recommended when dust emissions must be minimized or avoided.

• Self-Cleaning: JinHeng Vibrating Feeders are inherently self-cleaning of the material being fed, which makes them attractive when dealing with sanitary applications or when material contamination is to be minimized or avoided. Sanitary polishes, as well as the various coatings, are attainable.

• Various Drive Configurations:

   Underside Design: The vibratory drive system is located underneath the feeding trough. This positioning  is the most popular one for JinHeng Driven Feeders.

   Top Drive Design: The drive system is mounted above the feeding trough. This drive arrangement allows the  bottom of the Feeder’s conveying trough to be fully accessible for various discharge ports.

   End Drive Design: The drive system is mounted on either end of the Vibrating Feeder. This positioning has  the advantage of a low profile type of design which minimizes head room requirements.

We are vibrating feeder manufacturer, hoping above will help you.

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