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How to maintain roller screen?

Sep 05, 2016

Cage roller screen has reliable operation, little maintenance. The followings should be running in a few points to note as follows:

roller screen

1, you must first open the cage while driving drum sieve, then turn feeding equipment; stopping the contrary;

2, before running for three days, to a day on the cage roller screen fastener inspected and, if loose should be tightened. Later it can regularly (weekly or half) of the cage roller screen fastener inspected and processed;

3, bearing, gearbox lubrication should be checked regularly and timely refueling and oil changes. Shaft bearing No. 2 lithium grease, under normal circumstances, once every two months filling grease filling amount should not be too much, otherwise easily lead to bearing overheating. Check around the bearing should be cleaned once a year.

4, the device stops for long periods (more than 30 days) for the motor insulation upon bootup shake test, in order to avoid the motor burned.

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