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Creates the anomaly of the oscillating reason analysis

Jul 11, 2016

Some users in the face of the oscillating operation exception does not know how to deal with vibration exciter. I will share some with you.

vibration exciter

1. Lubrication failure. Vibrator for manual lubrication, 8h Polish 1, lubricants as molybdenum disulfide grease, vibrating at high temperature in a dusty environment, manual lubrication pumps and lubrication point distances, especially in the winter, the room temperature is low, more the appearance of lubricating grease solidified and agglomerate, end oil lead to bearing failure.

2. Installation quality problems. Vibrator clearance during installation such as improper adjustment, lead vibrator motors, axial radial with the universal coupling and the relative position of eccentric block vibrator errors, excessive vibration caused by vibration Exciter temperature, seriously affect the screen working.

3. The use of inappropriate. Suddenly stopping due to production or other equipment failure, box filled with mineral aggregate, Exciter as starts again under heavy load conditions, vulnerable to vibration of universal coupling and other damaged parts.

4. System damage. Damping spring failure or the accumulation of sieve material damping system is not too much will make the coordination and cause damage to the vibrator.

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