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Why dose the vibration exciter abnormal operation?

May 09, 2016

Many users who use vibration exciter meet abnormal operation, they do not know how to deal with. Today, our company, a vibrating equipment manufacturer, has a mature technology in the production of the equipment, professional after-sales technical staff teach you from the face of this phenomenon should which aspects start:

vibration exciter

1. Lubrication failure. Exciter is manual lubrication, add oil every 8h, the lubricant is molybdenum disulfide grease, which in high temperature and dusty environments. Especially in winter, low temperature , it is easier to make the grease solidified lumps eventually lead off the oil bearing wear failure.

2. The installation quality problems. During the installation process, improper adjustment exciter gap will lead to the relative position of the axial and radial section exciter exciter connected with the motor, and the universal coupling between the eccentric and other errors, resulting in shock vibrator vibration is too large to produce high temperature, seriously affect the normal operation of the shaker.

3. Improper use. As production or other equipment failure caused a sudden stop, the screening box full of mineral material, such as exciter started again under heavy load conditions, can easily cause damage to the joint as well as other exciter components.

4. The damping system damage. As damping spring failure or excessive accumulation of material under the screen, and this will make damping system uncoordinated, resulting in damage to the exciter.

The above information is on how to overhaul vibration exciter method, if you have any doubt, please call our technical personnel consulting company specializing in the production of a variety of exciter supply services, we are pleased to we offer help.

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