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4 regularity of the belt conveyor running deviation

Apr 21, 2016

Belt conveyor running deviation is one of the common accident. Through the practice and exploration in the production, we summed up some regularities of the conveyor roller running deviation, to prevent and deal with incidents provide a reliable basis. 

belt conveyor

The basic rule of conveyor belt running deviation is:

1. Small is not large. The diameter of the drum and the roller on both sides of sizes, process conveyor operation will be a large deviation to one side.

2. High is not low. Support device conveyor belt on both sides is not in the same horizontal plane, in the operation of the conveyor belt to high on one side of the wandering.

3. Tight is not loose. Tightness is not the same on both sides of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is running to the tight side of the deviation.

4. After is not before. The conveyor belt running direction shall prevail, rollers or roller is not in the direction of vertical section, side side first, in the operation of the conveyor belt at will on one side of the wandering back.

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