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The installation considerations of activator feeder

Apr 19, 2016

Last time I told you about the installation of activator feeder, today I will share you with the considerations of it. There are 6 notes as followings:

vibrating feeder

1. Cable connection requirements

Before performing any maintenance operation, the device must cut off the power supply, read all safety precautions. Regular checks to ensure that all the free end of the motor cable end projecting fastening safety net together, then fixed into the terminal box. Check cables for wear or damage.

2. Suspension cable installation.

See drawing correct placement of the spring and the spring seat to the feeder cable after the operation, whether to use a cable connection or not using, should check whether the attendant swinging.

3. Safety slings.

Mounting of the vibrating feeder requires the existence of safety slings to prevent vibration of the spring or cable failure (this provision for hanging feeder).

4. Installation pitch.

Assembly drawings shows the activator feeder and other surrounding fixtures such as shields, hoppers, pipes, chutes and other allowable gap. Whether to load or no-load status feeder operation in around it should allow enough clearance.

5. Cable Connection.

Motor access rated voltage, grounding cable and fixed. When the motor cables to set aside sufficient length so that the feeder wires are not taut work, but also can not touch the motor cover or other fixed steel.

6. The direction of rotation.

Motor single motor equipment reverse the direction of rotation is not very important, but one of them will turn to than the other towards the provision of better logistics. The most suitable motor rotation shall be trial and error, etc. to decide. Two dual-motor equipment motor should turn opposite. Please refer to general assembly drawings to determine the appropriate motor rotation.

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