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The precautions of feeder

Apr 12, 2016

Vibrating feeder mining equipment is more commonly used equipment, simple and practical structure is convenient feeder own merits, and the feeder is a continuous uniform steady during use, and therefore in possession of mining equipment the proportion is very large, and this machine can also control its flow, so that our hearts will be stable, so as to do a good job.

vibrating & activator feeder

Well, since the activator feeder is so important, how do we maintain it that this is a priority:

1. Everyone knows feeder durable, but we need to be placed in a stable place to prevent hit something cause a malfunction.

2. Usually we want to carry out lubrication feeder work, so working together will be minus a lot of unnecessary trouble

3. In normal times when not in use to rain cloth covered, first, to prevent dust, the second is to prevent rain.

4. At work particular attention is the generator, the generator must not be too hot.

The above points we have to do related work, the only way we can extend the life of vibrating feeder, activator feeder is not just to do related work.

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