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5 kinds of equipment installation Precautions

Mar 28, 2016

Today, I will share 5 kinds of equipment installation Precautions.

1. Vibrating feeder for ingredients, in order to ensure uniform feeding stable dosing, to prevent the material gravity should be installed horizontally, such as general material continuous feeding can be installed at 10° tilt. For viscous materials and moisture content of the material can be larger at 15° tilt installation.

2. After the installation of the activator feeder should be left horizontal 20mm travel clearance shall be horizontal, suspension with flexible connection.

3. Before the empty test should all bolt once, especially vibration motor anchor bolts, 3-5 hours of continuous operation should be re-tightened again.

4. Test both vibration motors must reverse rotation, the stability of current and noise, abnormal should promptly stop treatment.

5. The motor bearings every February bear grease, hot season should be filling a lubricating oil a month.

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